How much can you really earn on Forex?

Is it realistic to make money on Forex?

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How much can you earn in the Forex market – the main question for those who are just mastering trading. There are no exact answers to it. It all depends on the circumstances: the state of the market, the skill of the trader, the size of the deposit, the accuracy of the analysis and many other factors. Let’s get it right.

How much do forex traders usually earn?

In international practice, professionally asset management organizations — various investment funds — show on average 15–20% average annual return on each dollar invested. Of these, the most successful are 30–40%. These figures can be considered a target for the trader to understand how much profit he can receive.Profitability Factors

Market condition

For the year from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015, millions of traders were able to earn on Forex. The fact is that during this time the dollar went up by 30% against the euro. Meanwhile, the EUR / USD pair is the most popular Forex market instrument traded by millions of traders around the world. By the end of the year, they all received, respectively, 30% of the profit, which is close to the maximum indicators (see chart).

Deposit amount

An important factor limiting the trader’s ability to earn money on Forex. 30% profitability for the EUR / USD pair from $ 100 or $ 1,000 will be, respectively, $ 30 and $ 300. Therefore, if a trader wants to secure a decent income by trading on Forex, then he needs to have a starting deposit, which, taking into account the average profitability of the market, will be able to satisfy his earning needs. In addition, the risks of trading a small deposit increase many times, while a deposit of a sufficient size can reduce the risk. Due to the small amount of start-up capital, traders are often forced to refuse interesting and profitable transactions, since there is a risk of losing the entire deposit. / P>

Trading strategy

A good market situation and sufficient starting capital will not save a trader from losses if he conducts ill-conceived and unbalanced trading. Therefore, each trader should develop their own trading strategy and stick to it in their work. This will allow him to control possible risks and avoid unnecessary losses.

How can I make Forex profit with Teletrade Group?

To understand how much you can earn on Forex, we suggest using a safe demo account in the MetaTrader trading terminal. By opening a demo account with Teletrade Group, you can participate in the trading process using virtual money. Thus, you will see how real-time trading occurs on the foreign exchange market, try to develop your own trading strategy, learn how leverage works, and learn to assess possible risks depending on the size of the deposit. After you master the work on a demo account, you can try to apply the acquired knowledge and skills by opening a real trading account.

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